ZVS Induction Heating Module High Frequency Heater With Fan and Heat Pipe 3 7V Battery Power Supply

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ZVS Heating Module

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Product Specification

- The working voltage is too low, too high, excessive current protection lock,Manual lock and restart.
- No load power, load short circuit, no load or load short circuit automatic protection lock,Manual lock and restart.
- Default power on protection lock,Manual lock and restart.
- Take a piece of good welding test board, With fan support pillars
Operating voltage range 3.11V-4.21V± 0.03V
Operating current range: The maximum operating current 10A,long working current ≤ 8A, protection current 10.8A± 0.5A.
No load current : ≤ 13mA± 0.5mA
Quiescent current : ≤ 2mA± 0.5mA (no load does not work, under protection / fault condition).
Heating coil diameter to ≥ 10mm, turn number ≥ 3 turns.
PCB size : 145mmx51mmx1.6mm
The heating plate can only be supplied with a single 3.7V 18650 lithium battery, and can not be connected in series!!! Several batteries can be connected in parallel.
Package Included:
1 x ZVS Induction Heating Module