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ZVS Heating Module

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Product Specification

This induction heating circuit uses a 12-48V low-voltage DC power supply with a maximum current of 50A and a maximum power of 2500W. Continuous operation under conditions of good heat dissipation. Because of its moderate power, it can be used for DIY players to quench, annealing and other heat treatment of small parts. It can also be used with graphite crucible to smelt gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals. The heating is even and fast, very convenient.

Physical and electrical parameters:
1. Size: 120x240x85 (unit: mm)
2. Working voltage: 12-50V
3. Maximum working voltage: 48V
4. Maximum working power: 2500W
5. Maximum working current: 50A

Precautions for use:
1. No matter in any case, do not allow no-load power on (no-load refers to the output port without any load). Once the power is turned on by no-load, the board will emit high-frequency noise, which will cause the MOS tube to be completely damaged and cannot be repaired.
2. Please note that when using a switching power supply, because a high-power switching power supply generally has a slow-start function, that is, it slowly rises at the beginning of the output voltage, and if the voltage is turned on to 11V before the induction heating circuit is turned on, the circuit will not vibrate because of insufficient voltage, so that the two MOS tubes are turned on at the same time to burn the components. Therefore, so it is necessary to wait until the switching power supply voltage is stable. Induction heating circuit, an air switch can be connected between the power source and the main board;
3. This circuit has strict requirements on power supply. The 12V power supply must use more than 500W power supply, 24V is greater than 1200W, 36V is greater than 2000W, and 48V is greater than 2600W (recommended working voltage is 48V);
4. No matter what the voltage is used, as long as the operating current is lower than 50A, the circuit will not be burned out. Therefore, a 50A fuse can be added to protect the circuit during high-power operation.
5. It is inevitable that high-power operation heat is generated, so it should be cooled by the top of the fan while working.
6. The working voltage must not be lower than 12V.
7. When the heating machine is working, the heating coil will generate high heat. It is recommended to use water cooling to cool the heating coil to avoid damage to the main board caused by high temperature.

Note: Please note that this power supply is a disassembly power source, not a brand new power source. (New power sources cost at least three times more)

Package includes:
1 x PCB board
1 x 48V copper tube
1 x Crucible
1 x Water pump water pipe
1 x Air switch
1 x 48V 50A power supply

Please note that installing the coil in reverse may cause damage to the motherboard.
(The appearance is a little inconsistent, for reference only.)

Wiring : (power supply may be different, for reference only)