2000W ZVS Induction Heating Module Board Flyback Driver Heater Good Heat Dissipation With Coil Pump Power Adapter Kit for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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ZVS Heating Module

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Product Specification

This Induction Heater need 2000W power supply or DC welding machine power supply to Heating material.
Please installed the copper coil and water pump, then connect the power supply. (can not empty load)
Only iron can be heated directly. Other metal materials need graphite crucible.
Input voltage: DC 24V--65V
Input current: 45A 
Power: 2000W.
Dimensions: 190x100x95mm
Short Circuit/Overload: Input current is greater than 48A enter protection, LED FFFF display.
Temperature protection: Heatsink temperature higher than 75 °C, display E3, under 65 °C back to normal.
Undervoltage protection: Input voltage is less than 25V, display E2. Input voltage up to 27V back to normal.
Power tube broken/short circuit, display E1.
Copper pipe and water pipe connections, the need to seal to prevent water leakage.
Copper pipe size: Outer diameter 40mm, inner diameter 30mm, inner height 25mm, outer height 40mm
Package includes:
1 x Induction Heating Board
1 x Spiral copper pipe
1 x Water pipe
1 x Mini Water Pump
1 x Power Adapter