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Product Specification


Craft: Manual

Shape: cylindrical

Material: stainless steel

Packing: Cartons

Candle type: candle for general illumination

Product volume: 37.0cm * 24.0cm * 23.0cm

Weight: 0.1 kg

The included types are:

-Mix 1

What's Included: 1 550ml beaker 1 outer pot 1 inner pot 1 stirring spoon

-Mix 2

What's Included: 1 wax pot 2 wick retainer 50 wick 10cm 50 wick paste 5 stirring rod 1 probe thermometer

-Mix 3

What's Included: 1 550ml wax cup 3 wick retainer 100 10cm wick 100 wick paste 20 sets of wood core 12.5*150mm 3 14g aluminum box with edge 1 stirring spoon

-Mix 4

Includes: 1 wax wax pot 2 wick retainer 100 10cm wick 100 wick paste 4 transparent candle boxes (1 round heart butterfly shaped pentacle each)

-Mix 5

What's Included: 1 wax pot, 1 holder, 100 20cm wick, 100 stickers

-Mix 6

What's Included: 1 350ml beaker 1 retainer 100 8cm wick 100 stickers 4 transparent boxes for candles (38*18mm) 1 aluminum box (45*18mm window)

-Mix 9

What's Included: 5 wax boxes 7.7*5cm 2 retainers 10 wick 10cm

-Mix 14

What's Included: 20cm candle wick, 100 holders, 2 stickers, 5 pieces, 8 colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Black and Pink) (5g, 1 pack)

Package Included:

1 x Mix 1/2/3/4/5/6/9/14Candle Making Tool (The type you choose)