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Product Specification

Color: Red
Power: 120W 
Plug: EU Plug
Type: Universal
Style: Charging
Battery: 16.8V
Usage Time: 3-4H
Voltage (V): 110V--220V
Battery Capacity: 2200MAH
Weight: Approx.916g
Feature: 6 Sides Of Blade
Material: Stainless Steel + ABS Shell
Size: Approx.27.6* 5.5*5cm / 10.86 * 2.16*1.96"
Box Size: Approx.27*11.5*10cm/10.62*4.52*3.93"

- Insulating material & Waterproof.
- Saving time and labor, easy to clean.
- Thick steel blade, no rust, no damage to fish texture.
- Suitable for vegetable market, restaurants, home use.
- High-precision waterproof bearings, high-quality motors.
- Contains lithium battery for greater capacity and higher quality.
- Applicable fish:common fish such as freshwater fish, marine fish, carp, grass carp.
- 220MAH lithium battery, can be used for about 3-4 hours when fully charged, can scrape 200 kg of fish.
Package Included:
- 1 x Electric Fish Scaler
- 1 x Charging Cable

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