1500mAh 600W 12V Wireless Electric Tile Tiling Machine Strong Adsorption 6 Speeds Vibration Tile Tiler W/ 1/2 Battery for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

  Main Features:
 â— Suitable for wall tiles, small floor tiles: used for the movement and installation of floor tiles and wall tiles, greatly improving the efficiency of the work.

 â— Intelligent frequency control: multi-position adjustment

 â— Super adsorption capacity: 100kg super strong adsorption capacity, easy to paste tiles.

 â— One-button vibration, even force: can adjust the vibration frequency according to the size of the brick, can correct the position of the brick and improve efficiency.

 â— Battery life: Built-in 1500mAh lithium battery, fast charging, long-lasting battery life.

 â— One-handed operation: stable and safe operations make your job easier, suitable for engineering teams and also suitable for home use.

 â— Spring lock mechanism design: convenient and effortless.


Name: Tile Tiler

Color: Black, Red

Power: 600W

Input: 110~220V 50-60HZ

Output: 10.8V-12.8V

Battery: 12V 1500mAh 

Charging time: 3H

Working time: >15H

Vibration frequency: 0-12000r/min

Vibration Speed: 6-speed adjustable

Adsorption strength: 100Kg

Suction cup diameter: 13.5cm/5.5"

Suitable tile: up to 120x120cm

Product weight: 1100g

Machine Head Material: Aluminum-magnesiums alloy, stainless steel

Use: renovation team, decoration project

Application: Tile wall tile


  Package Contents


1 x Tile Tiling Machine

1/2 x Batteries

1 x Charger(AU/US/EU Plug)

1 x Storage box




1. Please check the battery before use to ensure that the battery is fully charged;

2. Turn the inverter switch to the left to the minimum, then start the machine to adjust to the appropriate state according to the requirements;

3. Place the machine on the tile to be laid, hold the suction cup and hold the tile. Press the switch machine to start working and instantly flatten the protruding part of the tile.

4. When working, be sure to hold the suction cup to work on the tile, do not let the machine idling, do not keep pressing the switch during the paste process, and the rhythm is more conducive to paving.


  Charging instructions


1. After receiving the machine, press the switch to adjust whether the frequency switch works. If the indicator light on the machine is not bright, please charge it first and then use it normally. When the charger is connected and charged, the charging indicator on the charger will light up.

2. This product is normally charged for 3 hours, full of self-stop, and the indicator light is green or not lit.

3. After the product is fully charged, it can work for up to 15 hours, but in order not to affect the service life of this product, please charge it every day during normal use.

4. When using this product normally, it needs to be charged once a day, such as not charging once a month.