Excellway 20Pcs Mini Micro JST 1 0mm SH 4 Pin Connector Plug With Wire Cables 300mm for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

10 Sets Mini Micro JST 1.0 SH 4-Pin Connector Plug With Wires Cables 300mm


Product Name: JST Connector Plug With Wires
Brand: Excellway 
Part: Connectors/Wiring
Model: SH 1.0mm
Fuel Source: Electric
Length: 300mm
Wire: 28AWG
Poles : 4 - Pin
Quantity:10 Sets

Package Includes:

10 x SH 1.0mm 4-pin Female Housing Connectors plug with wire 
10 x SH 1.0mm 4-pin Male Connectors