6mm Natural Cotton Cord Twine Braided Rope Cord Sash String Craft Macrame for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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100% natural cotton 3 strand rope with no synthetic or artificial add-ons, so it is safe for pets.
Great for accessories and interior decoration projects.
Cotton Rope is used in Crafts and Furniture Making.
Cotton Rope is also an Excellent Sash Cord.
Popular in Gardens, Decking, as Hand Rails and Support for Plants.
Can also be used as a Decorative Purposes Indoors and Outdoors.
The Natural-Coloured Cotton is Perfect for Rustic-Looking Projects.
Great for Fun Competitions and Sports Day.


Material: Cotton
Color: White
Available Diameters: 6 mm
Length: 3.3ft, 6.6ft, 9.8ft, 13.1ft, 16.4ft

Package Includes:

1 x Cotton Rope

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