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Product Specification

Technical Specifications:
Color: Red
Material: Carbon fiber
Product Name:  Carbon fiber heating wire 100m
Insulating materials: Silicone rubber
Infrared wavelength: 8UM-18UM
Conductor resistance: 33±10% Ω / M
Heating conductor: 12K
High voltage test: 3000V
Maximum withstand temperature: 200℃
Leakage current: 0.05mA/m
Diameter: 3 MM
Length: 20/30/50/100/150/200 M
Conductor resistance: 33 Ω / M

Product Power Calculation:
Voltage * voltage / total resistance = power
For example: 12K carbon fiber, length of 10 meters
220V × 220V / (10 m x 33 Ohm) =150 watts
For example: 12K carbon fiber length of 15 meters
220V × 220V / (15 m x 33 Ohm) =100 watts
The data shows that the longer heating wire you use and the smaller output power. (The min length of 12K carbon fiber heating wire is 10 meters)

Features and Benefits:
✔ With excellent heat resistance. Don't need other transmission medium, the electrothermal conversion efficiency is above 98%.
✔ Excellent insulation.New infrared floor heating, make the temperature uniformity, promote blood circulation.
✔ Having good cold resistance and excellent medical rationalization.
✔ The carbon fiber heating wire cost little, and has a long life span,  an investment, life-long, low maintenance costs.
And etc...
✔ You can manually make heating equipment, electric blankets, car seat heater, heating appliances, animal heating system, heating system, etc.
✔ Suitable for farms, pig insulation board, jade bed, electric blanket, electric heating towel rack, footbath, rice cookers, pet pad, electric warm clothing, piping warm, ect.

Package Contents:
Buy 200m = 100m cable + 40 pcs copper tube + 40 pcs sleeves
Buy 150m = 100m cable + 30 pcs copper tube + 30 pcs sleeves
Buy 100m = 100m cable + 20 pcs copper tube + 20 pcs sleeves
Buy 50m = 50m cable + 10 pcs copper tube + 10 pcs sleeves
Buy 30m = 30m cable + 6 pcs copper tube + 6 pcs sleeves
Buy 20m = 20m cable + 4 pcs copper tube + 4 pcs sleeves

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