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Product Specification

Garden Gardening Welder Gloves Men Women Thorn Proof Leather Work Yellow 

Type: Unisex Gloves
Material: Cowhide leather blending
Colour: Yellow
Gender: Unisex
Features: Breathable, Heavy Duty, Non-Slippery, Thorn Resistant
Quantity: 2 pcs
Length: 27cm
-Breathable & Durable - The glove is made of a high quality cowhide leather blend to provide you with the highest wear and puncture resistance, the fabric on the back of the hands is breathable and comfortable. Wear for a long time, you will not feel hot.
-Flexible & Lightweight - Due to the nature of the material, our fingers can easily hold the gardening tools and naturally move fingers as we wear gloves. Your fingers are very flexible and easy to move. Our gloves are very light, you will not feel weight when wearing it, just like the "First Skin" to protect you.
-Fit & Efficient Protection - The gloves fitted well, it's easy to feel the ends of your fingers, provide a great level of protection whilst also still not making your hands feel cumbersome. The gloves are very flexible and totally protect you from cuts, scratches, sharp thorns, pricks, rough stuff and working for pruning roses, handling cactus, pruning berry, and provides a great grip on everything you need.
-Easy to Wear & Wash - We have three sizes of gloves to choose from and always have the right choice for you. And since this glove is made of leather, please wipe it with a small amount of soapy water or detergent, do not soak in water to wash.
Package Included:
1 x Pair Unisex Gloves

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