480P 30W pixel HD Free Drive 360 Rotation USB Webcam Manual Focus Conference Live Computer Camera Built in Noise Reduction Microphone for PC Laptop for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


-Manual focus lens. Manual focus design, the sharpness can be adjusted by rotating the lens left and right.
-HD camera. Suitable for video conference / net class / local video.
-Built-in microphone. Built-in high-definition sound absorption and noise reduction microphone, clear call.
-360 rotation viewing angle. The lens / bracket can be rotated 360. The rotating shaft is designed to shoot in all directions.
-Multifunctional base. Collapsible clip-on base; desktop / clamp-type dual-use is more convenient.
-480P, 30W pixels clear shooting / 480P high-speed shooting without dragging HD photo / video shooting.
-System requirements. Support system USB2.0 interface above Windows 7 / Visra / XP (SP2), effectively improve the image speed, support QQ. MSN, and other video chat software.


Resolution: 640 * 480Ñ€X
USB cable length: 150cm
Built-in microphone: sound absorption and noise reduction microphone
Focusing range: 20mm
Drive type: plug and play free drive
Sensor: CMOS
Lens: HD lens
Interface type: USB 2.0
Output format: YUY2
Number of frames: 30 frames / s
Video format: WMV
Photo format: BMP

Package Included:

1 * HD Video Webcam