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★ This is a numbered paint set that provides painting skills to make your painting process smooth; let your creative juice flow, and create beautiful works of art with your own hands.
★ Brush set: A total of 3 different sizes of sets, suitable for large or small areas, to easily complete ultra-fine lines and details; COLORWORK nylon brush is easy to clean.
★ No need to mix paint: provide good paint to cover lines and numbers; enough paint to cover the numbers with a layer of paint; paint that anyone can do.
★ Pre-printed texture canvas: high-density canvas is durable and easy to color; easy-to-read numbers help to identify the correct color used; enjoy the wonderful form of mind


★ Name: Digital Painting DIY
★ Size: 40*50cm
★ Packing: color box, bag, pen holder

Package Includes:

★ 1* DIY digital painting
★ Other Accessories