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Product Specification


-Garage hooks are made of high-quality materials and heavy-duty solid steel, they have good load-bearing properties, are durable and will not cause tools to slip.
-We offer 5 varying sizes of garage hooks for varying usage: 2 large square hooks, 1 medium square hooks, 4 small square hooks, 1 large J hook and 2 small J hook.
-With screws and expansion screws, the garage wall hook is suitable for plaster, wood and brick walls. The extended plate design distributes the weight evenly, which provides superior grip.
-Adopting a strong non-slip coating, it is easy to grasp the item and keep it firmly for many years to protect the surface of the cargo from being scratched. Never worry about your tools falling again.
-Garage hooks can hold different tools and remain very strong, such as ladders, bicycles, brooms, shovels, power tools, sports equipment and many other heavy or bulky items. Created for your garage, garden, shop, basement or warehouse An efficient storage space.


Type: Wall Mounted Hook
Purpose: Garage storage hook 
Surface treatment: Spray + dipping
Weight: 20kg
-Large Square Hooks: 155*185mm/6.1*7.3 in
-Medium Square Hook: 127*127mm/5*5 in
-Small Square Hooks: 110*71mm/4.33*2.8 in
-Large J Hook: 140*107mm/5.5*4.2 in
-Small J Hooks: 114*68mm/4.5*2.7 in

Package Included:

2 x Large Square Hooks
1 x Medium Square Hook
4 x Small Square Hooks
1 x Large J Hook
2 x Small J Hooks
80 x Screws&Wallplugs (one hook is matched with one package of installation parts)

Details Pictures: