Launchbox 4T 39000 Retro Games HDD for Win 7 8 10 11 External Game Hard Drive Disk for PS4 PS3 PS2 Sega Saturn GC NDS Steam TV PC Game Console for Sale with BTC on


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Launchbox is a software application used as a game emulator. Users can now enjoy all their childhood favorites while using a modern operating system.
Support for more than 87 emulators. Includes more than 45,000 games! It can run for PS4, PS3, PS2, Sega Saturn, Wiiu, GC perfectly.
Compatible with Windows 7 and above system. Old computers turn into game consoles in seconds .
The smooth operation of the game depends on the configuration of your computer. If you want to run PS3 / PS2 / PS4 and other 3D games smoothly, it is recommended to use a CPU higher than I5 and a discrete graphics card above 1050ti.
Plug and play, Plug and play! Using LaunchBox, we just need to import the game, set the call relationship between the game and the game program, and then we can centrally manage and run various games, it includes nostalgic games from various game consoles, STEAM games, EPIC games and other computer games, no matter how much you play for such games, you just need to open the launcher.
Simple intuitive operation interface. The launchbox interface is more intuitive.
Launchbox automatically adapts different aspect ratios of your TV or monitor and takes advantage of a full-screen gaming experience.
Supports more than 10000 3D games. This hard drive contains more than 10,000 3D games, with beautiful graphics and offers you an immersive gaming experience.

Package Included:

1 x  Launchbox 4T HDD
1 x Power Adapter(2.5 inch not include power adapter )
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual