DOBE TP4 19076 Cooling Fan Cooler Vertical Stand Dual Controller Charger Charging Station Dock for Playstation 4 Slim PRO for PS4 for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


The input circuit of this product adds over-voltage protection and short-circuit protection
When the input voltage is greater than 5.6-5.8V, it will automatically cut off the input power to protect the base and handle. When the output terminal has a short-circuit failure, the internal self-recovery insurance will also start the protection Function, after the output short-circuit fault is eliminated, it will automatically resume normal operation
The console base of this product is compatible with old consoles,Slim consoles, and Pro consoles
Built-in two high-speed fans speed up the air circulation inside the console to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.
There are 10 disc slots on the left side of this product, which is convenient for users to place 10 games they like to play
This product uses two USB ports on the host for power supply. No additional power supply is needed. There is also a USB charging expansion port on the base to solve the problem of insufficient USB charging ports
This product can charge two original handles at the same time. The handle pattern in the front display mirror is red when charging, and green when it is fully charged or charging without a gamepad
The product is placed on both sides of the host with non-slip EVA or silica gel to prevent the host from scratching and slipping.
Brand: DOBE
Model: TP4-19076
Material: Plastic
Product size: 9.8 x 23.4 x 5cm
Product weight: 451g
Scope of application: SLIM/PRO

Package included:

1 x Vertical Stand Dual Controller Charger