PXN 2119 PRO Wired Vibration Joystick Flight Rocker Gaming Steering Wheel Pedal Racing Wheel Game Controller USB Simulator for Xbox One for PS4 PC Games for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Video Games Controller

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Product Specification


Key programming, precise manipulation, 16 keys such as trigger key and eight-way coolie cap can be programmed

Achieve multi-functional control and all-round attack

Simulated throttle rudder. Simulate airplane throttle push rod, and set throttle thrust

Self-contained damping feedback and free control of engine

Tri-mode switching extension. 1 6x3 key position function. Press the MODE key to switch freely and edit the mapped keyboard at the same time. Mouse and other functional buttons

Compatible platforms: for PC computer, for XBOX ONE, for PS4

Suitable for all kinds of flying games. Real flight experience and control fun

Right rocker can be used independently

With 4-axis, 8-direction POV and 16 independently programmable keys. You can choose freely according to your personal habits

8-direction coolie cap, eight-direction POV, realize. up, down, left and right, and 45 angle operation for switch perspectives at any time in the game

Double motor design, built-in double vibration motors simulate the vibration caused by real airflow. Let you experience a stronger sense of real game substitution

Type of product: PXN-2119 PRO

Product Name: Lastar Analog Flight Controller

Fuselage weight: the total weight is about 1530 g (the main rocker is about 805g) (the accelerator is about 725g)

Body size:

Rocker 176 x 176 x 239 mm

Throttle 170 x 170 x 159 mm 

Fuselage line length:

The main rocker line is about 1800 mm

The accelerator line is about 1600mm

Support platform: for PC, for Xbox One, for PS4

PC system support: Windows 7, 8, 10

Package Included:

1 x Gaming Steering Wheel

1 x User Manual