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Video Games Controller

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Product Specification


This gamepad is designed for the Switch game console, with vibration and gravity sensing functions, and can be used through wired connection and Bluetooth wireless connection

Motor function: Adjustable vibration motor

Battery mA: 400mAh

Working voltage: DC 3.7V,4.2V

Working current: 30-35mA

Sleep time: ≤15uA

Charging time: About 2.5 hours

Continuous use time: About 8-10 hours

Charging voltage and current: DC 5V and 1A

Bluetooth transmission distance: About 10 meters


1. Switch game console settings:

Turn on the Switch host, select "Settings" in the menu, select "System Settings", "Airplane Mode", "Gamepad Connection" and turn on Bluetooth

2. Connect to the Switch host via Bluetooth:

A. Turn on the gamepad by pressing any up, down, left, and right buttons on the left gamepad and any A, B, X, Y keys on the right gamepad. At the same time, the 4 color LED indicators will flash cyclically

B. Press and hold the "Mode" button on the left or right gamepad for 3 seconds, the LED light will keep flashing and enter the Bluetooth pairing mode

C. Return to the main screen of the Switch host, select "Gamepad, Controller" on the menu, and then select "Switch gamepad mode", the host will automatically find a matching gamepad. After successfully connecting the gamepad, press the A button, select "Close", and then enter the menu to start the game

Color: Blue and red (red, blue on the left gamepad, red on the right gamepad), black

Package Included:

1 x Gamepad

1 x Type-C Data Cable 

1 x User Manual