Flydigi Shadow Stinger 1Pcs Left Hand Major Button with 1Pcs Right Hand Major Button FPS Trigger Shooter Button Joystick Game Controller for iOS Android PUBG Mobile Games for Sale with BTC on


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Video Games Controller

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Product Specification

Applicable platforms and deviceFor iOS: for ipone7Plus and above series mobile phones(support for iOS 13.4)
Android: phones that meet the size requirements
Support smartphone sizeWidth: 70.9mm-85mm
Thickness: 7.2mm-12mm
Working current<10mA
Standby current<8μA
Life timeAccording to 1 time/second, continuous use time 16h
Battery capacity50mAh
Charging time1.5-2h
Charging voltage5V
Charging current1C
Operating temperature range0-40 ℃
Storage temperature range-20-80 ℃
Product size (without packaging)79.9 x 18.6 x 23.4mm (LxWxH)
Weight 20g


Support for iOS Android mobile phone(support for iOS 13.4)
The second-generation capacitor isolation mapping technology makes the trigger more sensitive and responds to every click
To record click frequency, CapAir Mapping 2 TM brings a new hand-speed recording function
Removable design of main and auxiliary keys, four or six fingers, free choice
Full finger support, steady shooting and won easily
Full micro-motion mechanical keys, both internal and external repairs, the feedback is clearer
Ergonomic body, organic curved surface, comfortable to hold
Maximum support 10.5mm thickness, 87mm width
Powerful battery life, play for 80 hours at full power
Fully charged in 15 hours, 10 hours of play in 5 minutes
Small and portable

Package Included:
2 x Flydigi Shadow Stinger Major Button
1 x Micro-USB Cable