Flydigi Beehive 2Pcs Gloves Slip-proof Sweat-proof Professional Touch Screen Thumbs Finger Sleeve for PUBG Mobile Game for Gamepad for Sale with BTC on


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Video Games Controller

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Product Specification

Carbon fiber densely woven, thin and sensitive
Carbon fiber technology, as thin as 0.3mm
Nano-grade carbon fiber, thin and slender, strong and powerful
18-pin dense knitting without missing any operation
Up to 120 contacts per square centimeter, which improves the sensitivity by 30% compared with the traditional 15-pin. The touch screen is correspondingly clear and continuous
Refreshing and breathable
Adapt to different finger circumferences, fit comfortably without tightness
Eliminate seams and upgrade touch
Wear with four fingers, smart and elegant
Difference from the previous:

The thickness is 30% lower than the previous, and it is as light as nothing to wear
Longer life
Package Included:
2 x Flydigi Beehive 2 Finger Gloves