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Video Games Controller

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Product Specification

15 high-frequency bursts per second, using suspended capacitor pulse mapping technology, one-button switching single-point / burst mode
The left mouse button touches the short-stroke and high-sensitivity competitive mouse with the same micro switch, which responds quickly and accurately
Android Apple Universal, regardless of brand regardless of size, plug and play; Z-axis stretch hanging structure, not limited by equipment, support all mobile phone models
The back is non-slip design and fits the phone to prevent side slip
Compatible phone thickness range: 7mm-10.5mm
Lasting battery life, charging for 5 minutes, play for 2 hours
Fully charged once and play for about 80 hours
Small and portable
Type-C interface
Model: BTP-J1
Power supply mode: 50mAh lithium battery
Size: 34.77 x 65 x 20.62mm
Weight: 15 grams
Package Included:
1 x Betop J1 Joystick for Mobile Phone
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Manual