Super Console X PC Box DDR4 8GB RAM HDD 2TB ROM 60000 Games TV Game Console 5G Wifi bluetooth Win 10 Mini PC for Dota 2 LOL PC for PSP PS1 PS2 Wii SEGA MAME Games Player with Gamepad for Sale with BTC on


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Video Games Console

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Product Specification


The Super Console PC BOX has Dual System. It is not only a retro game console but also a super mini-computer.
Support 4K HDMI Output: This Video Game Console uses an HDMI interface, you can plug it into TV, computer monitors, projectors with an HDMI interface to bring you a 4K HD display.
Plug and play. Support local and multiplayer. Relive the magical evenings and enjoy your games for up to four players locally. 
Built-in 2.4G/5G dual-band WIFI, support connect to WIFI and find your friends online to continue your saved multiplayer games.
Dual SSD considerate design, one is M.2 NVME system disk speed is 1161M/S, and the other is M.2 SATA storage disk, you can install more cost-effective SSD.
60,000+ games have been pre-installed for you to enjoy the game.
Support Multiple Game Formats: for PS2, for PSP, for Wii, SEGA,  Saturn, PS1, N64, MAME, SFC, FC, GBA, GB, GBC, MD and more than 50 game formats.
Support Downloading Games By Yourself: If you have other more interesting games, you can download the file online and copy it to the memory card.
Pre-install a Permanent activation version of the Win10 system.

Game List: [Link]

Package Included:

1 x Super Console X PC Box
1 x Wired Gamepad
1 x User Manual