Powkiddy X18S Handheld Game Console Android 11 0 OS 4GB RAM 64GB ROM bluetooth 5 0 5G Wifi 5 inch IPS Touch Screen T618 Chip Game Player Tablet for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Video Games Console

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Product Specification


Android 11.0 System, T618 chip to run super performance, perfectly support the smooth operation of large-scale simulators, Support more than 100,000 Games 
Support muilt-simulator games. For example: Perfect support for at least 20 emulators such as for PSP, DC, PS1, CPS, N64, NDS, NEOGEO, MAME, GB, GBA, GBC, FC, SFC... Support a lot of simulators, perfectly support 60 frame rate
Real built-in WIFI, connect to wifi directly
Support HD TV output

Package Included:

1 x X18S Handheld Game Console 
1 x Data Cable