GP430 Raspberry Pi CM3 64GB 256GB 15000 Games Wifi Handheld Video Game Console 4 3 Inch HD Screen for PSP PS1 NDS NES MAME Retro Classic Gaming Players for Sale with BTC on


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Video Games Console

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Product Specification


Exclusively optimized the customized system based on Retropie revision, supporting most mainstream emulators such asPS1, N64, NDS, DS, MAME, NES, SNES, GB, GBA, GBC, etc

The motherboard is based on the Raspberry Pi CM-3L computing module, with the same performance as Raspberry Pi 3B, far exceeding Raspberry Pi Zero

Pre-installed 44 simulators and 15000+ classic games, So many classic games you can play as you want,and up to support 50+ simulators, 50000+ games, and you can add games by yourself

4.3-inch IPS LCD full lamination screen, full-viewing 170 degres-170 degres, High resolution (800x480) bright colors, outstanding colors, high restoration, and support for press (R1+R2+up/down) key gradual brightness adjustment and 5 levels adjust the screen brightness, more vivid and gorgeous, and no black screen under a visible light source

Same dualjoystickslikePSV2000, perfect feel, double shoulder keys, support more game models

The shape of artificial mechanics adopts the arc design, which makes the game feel good for a long time; Abandon the traditional patch speakers, use cavity speakers, dual-channel headphones, and heavy bass to make them sound more solid and three-dimensional

Adopt a powerful turbofan engine, which is highly silent and cools and dissipates more quickly

Connect to WIFI: find Retropie after booting, turn on the wifi switch (default is off), enter the WIFI option, select Connect to WiFi network, find your WiFi, insert the keyboard and enter the wifi password

Support OTG external function, you can connect gamepad, USB keyboard, wireless mouse, etc

5000mAh high-performance lithium battery, long battery life

Package Included:   

1 x GP430 Game Console

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x HDMI Cable

1 x User Manual