Wired Dancing Mat Pad Computer TV Slimming Dance Blanket with Two Somatosensory Gamepad a Colored Lights Version for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Cool dance movement rhythm, each song are professional teacher according to the rhythm of music, the dance choreographed, rhythm and arcade synchronization
The body feeling game, hd camera without delay, the real-time rendering players figure on the screen, immersive, enjoy real experience
Handle body movement, 2.4 g remote wireless transmission, can play the game all pre-installed, make you perfect in exercise
The camera video motion-sensing technology, the real game experience
It can replace the treadmill, dance, fitness and entertainment, fashion, cultivate one's morality to lose weight
The red, green and blue LED colorful lights create a stage, bar, and KTV scene lighting atmosphere, so that you can no longer dance monotonously
Material: PVC
Line length: 1.8m
Thickness: 11mm
Applicable products: TV, notebook, old-fashioned TV, desktop computer
Applicable crowd: universal
Application scene: fitness, running, slim, yoga
Product size: 1.65 x 0.9M
Package Included:

1 x Dancing Mat
2 x Somatosensory Gamepad
1 x Colored Lights