16 Bit Double Dance Pad Non-slip TV Dance Mat Electronic Pad for TV Built in 218 Songs for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


This product is made of non-toxic PVC materials.and the bottom layer is made with high-elastic EVA foaming technics. And high-density sponge for the medium layer, which will extend utmost using life time of the product
This product features in dual playing at the same time. Two players can compete each other. Besides it supports different mode of playing like 4-arrow and 6-arrow, single playing, player 1 VS player 2 or Player 1 VS machine. It also have selection of level of difficulty, different player images and different playing  stages(Mode of 6-arrow does not support dual playing. Two players can only compete under 4-arrow under )
Dance pad feature : bodybuilding, fitness, tamper, durable wear resistant
Applicable with system: on TV, connected on TV and play 
16 BIT 
Built in 218 songs (English +Spanish Songs ), Real Singer Songs 
Support two player dancing together 
Easily to install

The dance pad built in songs .there are English songs and Spanish songs. The song is not a complete song, just the climax of the song is played in a loop.
Can not add songs and change songs. Only support playing built-in songs.
If the TV appears Black &White color , please go to the TV settings and change the color system to be AUTO or switch  any system that can change the screen to colorful.

Package Included:

1 x dancing mat with AV cable 
1 x Adapter 
1 x Manual 
Using instruction:

Unfold the mat dance on the flat floor, connect the affiliated AV cable to the AV input of TV, connect one side of power adapter to the dance mat and the other side to electric power source .Then turn on the ON/OFF switch and the first opening screen will appear on TV.