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Product Specification

Controller Grips:
Ergonomic design provides a more comfortable experience and can allow you to play for longer
Since it is a dedicated design, operation of each terminal and button can be convenient while keeping the case attached
High-quality material keeps your gamepad from tear, wear and scratct, stains and dust
Easy to use, simply insert the Joy-con into the joy-con grip
Compatible with left and right joy cons, easy to use, simply insert the Joy-con into the joy-con grip
Since it is a special cover, it can protect your Joy con controller firmly from scratches and dirt
This product is suitable for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons
Handle Steering Wheel:
Specially designed for Nintendo Switch racing games to enhance racing experience
Compact, light-weight and durable, easy to hold in hand
Allow you to have a truer driving experience when playing on your favorite racing games
Simply slide the Switch controller into the central panel of the steering wheel attachment
to become a fully compatible racing wheel for all steering wheel compatible games on the Switch
Charge Stand:
This product is only suitable for switch charging
The charging interface using type-c interface parameters for the DC5V
The left icon has blue arrow charging seat and the host cahrging interface docking position adjustable pitch
Charging port on the back of the product, suitable for avariety of USB adapter
Package Included:
4 x Controller Grips
4 x Handle Steering Wheels
1 x Charge Stand
1 x USB Cable