Vention CGX USB C to HDMI compatible Cable Multifunctional Data Cable with USB USB C 2 in 1 Power Supply Connection Cable for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification



x Brand: Vention

x Model: CGX

x Name: USB-C to HDMI-compatible Cable

x Color: gray

x Interface type: USB 3.1-C/HDMI-compatible/USB-A QC/USB-C PD

x Connector: gold-plated

x Rated power: QC 18W/PD 60W

x HD resolution: 4K@60HZ

x Dual chips: IT6563 + IF668

x Conductor: tinned copper

x Shielding: aluminum foil

x Jacket material: PVC

x AWG: 30AWG+24AWG

x OD: 4.5m+3.5m

x Length: 1/1.5/2m




x Better Movie Experience

  USB+USB-C 2-in-1 power supply, charging as well as watching movie.

x Support Netfilx & HDCP 2.2

  Support encrypted video on Netflix and other platforms which requires HDCP protocol.

x 4K@60HZ UHD

  Support 4K resulotion with a refresh rate of 60HZ, more details within reach.

x Support 2 Modes

  Mirror mode & Extension mode.


Package Included:


1 x USB-C to HDMI-compatible Cable