SCART to RF Converter SCART RF Adapter 61 25 67 25mhz Out RF Video Converter with RF Cable for SCART Box to Old TV

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Product Specification



- RF output frequency: 61.25mhz and 67.25mhz can be selected

- RF output gain: 80dB

- RF standard output: pal DK default output

- Power supply: 5V / 500mA

- Power: less than 0.5W

- Color: black

- Input interface: SCART interface
- Output interface: RF interface



- RF converter can easily convert the interface you need into RF RF RF output, and modulate your interface to RF high frequency output.

- The reduction of transmission loss can increase your original distance from 1-2 meters to 100-1000 meters or even further. At the same time, it can solve the problem of the old TV interface and make full use of the TV's high frequency connector.

- You can put your DVD / set top box / network box / game console and so on! Easy conversion to RF output.

- The output of the modulation chip with imported RF is more stable, PLL frequency lock-in RF output is more stable, and the frequency output is never offset.

Package Includes:

1 x SCART to RF Converter

1 x RF cable

1 x USB cable