2 In 1 Phototherapy Machine LED Lamp 80W Quick drying Nail Machine Nail Dryer for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Type: 2 In 1 Nail Machine And Nail Vacuum Cleaner
Voltage: 100-240 V.50-60HZ
Rated Output: DC 24-30V
Maximum Power: 80 watts (maximum)
Quantity of UV/LED Lamp Beads: 36 pieces
Size: About 299x288x95mm

How To Use:

1. Connect the adapter
2. After starting the machine, you can set the working hours and buttons of the machine from time to time
3. The sync button is 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 99 seconds
4. Do not use the time setting button, put your hand in the machine, the infrared sensor will automatically start the machine, and the maximum working time is 120 s.
5. The default power supply is ordinary power supply. Press the S button for 99 seconds for about 2 seconds, and the power supply will double or cancel twice (the power supply is fully doubled within 10 seconds. 30 seconds 60 seconds, working time is infrared), press for 99 seconds (about 0.5 Seconds) belong to the painless mode, the output power will increase automatically.
6. The display shows the corresponding synchronization time. Use the s 10 s, s 30 s, and 60 s buttons to synchronize and display the time countdown. S When using the 99s button to synchronize with the infrared sensor, the display will show the time clockwise.

Package Included:

1X Nail Machine
1X Adapter
1X Manual

Detailed Picture: