MC W33 USB 3 5mm Computer Microphone Multi Function Desktop Microphone 360 Gooseneck Design for Laptop Desktop PC for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification



- Brand: MC

- Model: W33

- Name: USB Microphone

- Material: ABS + metal

- Product size: 330 x 90mm

- Applicable product: computer

- Color: balck

Directivity: 360 Âdegres omnidirectional

- Mic impedance: 2.2k Ω + 30%

- Line length: 1.5m

- Catheter height: 260mm

- Catheter diameter: 5mm

- Type: standard version(3.5mm interface)

            upgraded version(USB interface, light / sound controllable)

- Number of buttons: standard Version: 1

                                  upgraded version:4

Microphone sensitivity: standard Version: 42 Âmore or less 3DB

                                       upgraded version:38 Âmore or less 3DB




- Restore the real original sound quality, environment sound noise reduction function and anti-interference function.

- High sensitivity microphone pickup design, no need to speak close, soft voice can also express clearly.

- Excellent chip processing speed, can quickly filter noise, make the voice clearer, and do not delay.

- Built in high resolution decoding chip, improve sound distortion, sound propagation more realistic outstanding.

- Multi angle adjustment, metal hose design, arbitrary adjustment of microphone angle, more comfortable to use.

Package Includes:

1 x Multi function computer microphone