Netac USB 3 0 Flash Drive 16G 32G 64G 128G USB Disk Portable Thumb Drive Memory Stick with Physical Write Protection Switch for Computer Laptop U335S for Sale with BTC on


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USB Flash Drives

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Product Specification






 Product Type
 USB 3.0 Flash Drive
 Color White


 USB 3.0

 Storage Capacity

 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB
 Write Transfer Speed 30MB/s
 Read Transfer Speed 90MB/s
 Working Temperature 0℃ ~ +55℃
 Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ +70℃
 Applicable System Windows 7/8/XP/Mac OS 10.4 or above

 Package Size (L*W*H)

 125 x 105 x 10mm

 Package Weight



1. USB 3.0 Interface

    Portable USB 3.0 memory flash drive, back compatible with USB 2.0, fast data transmission.

2. Large Storage Capacity

    From 16GB to 128GB capacity, it can meet the demands of your work and study.

3. Safe File Encryption

    With U-Safe storage technology and Write Protection Switch, preventing data intruding and data tampering. 

4. Cover Design

    The protective cover prevents the USB plug from gathering dust, and the lanyard buckle hole for secure mounting. 

Instructions about the capacity of the U disk:

The displayed capacity is not equal to the nominal capacity. Manufacturers of Flash (memory) or hard disk devices generally use 1000 as the base, that is, 1KB=1000 Bytes, 1MB=1000KB, 1GB=1000MB, and the operating system is based on 1024 to calculate the capacity KB=1024Bytes, 1MB=1024KB, 1GB= 1024MB, the formatted capacity will be smaller than the nominal capacity. Under different operating systems, system files and firmware will also occupy a small amount of space, but the actual space used must be greater than or equal to 90% of the nominal capacity.

Package Included:

1 x Netac U335S USB 3.0 Flash Drive (16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB)