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Two Way Radio

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Product Specification


【Full Band Frequency】68-108MHZ (FM) 108-136MHZ(Air frequency receiving) 136-660MHZ (RX/TX) . The best frequency in 136-174MHZ/400-520MHZ.
【Built-in display】New trend black technology .1.77-inch high-definition large screen display. There are 2 different display modes of frequency and channel to meet your different needs. All display function menus on the display. Such as V0X/FM/CT etc.
【Wireless Copy Frequency 】Press the menu button to enter the “FQSCAN” interface. Press Menu again and the AR-518 will search for another radio transmission frequency and privacy code. Finally press the menu to store the frequency. Two walkie-talkies can communicate normally. Communication is unobstructed, and traditional writing frequency is rejected.
【USB Type-C Charging】USB charging is a trend for mobile devices as it has low requirements for power sources and places. The AR-518 is USB Type-C rechargeable, for which you can easily charge it like a phone in your car, with a power bank or laptop . Portable for your travel.
【PC & Manual Programmable】Apart from programming the radio via computer software, users can also use the keypad to program most settings in the menu, for example, adding/deleting a memory channel, adding/removing a channel from the scanning list, adjusting V0X/squelch/power save levels, etc.


Model: AR-518
Frequency Range:
68-108MHz(FM RX)
108-136MHz(Air Band RX)
136-660MHz(Full Band)
Power: 10W
Battery capacity: 8800mAh
Memory Channel: 128 Channels
Display: 1.77inch LCD Color screen
Distance: 5-10km
Color: Red/Black/Orange/Green


-Wireless Copy Frequency
-Frequency/CTCSS Detection
-V0X Function
-Emergency Function
-Scan Function
-Battery Save
-PC Programming
-DTMF Encoding/Decoding
-Prior Channel Scanning

Package included:

1 x AR-518 Radio
1 x Battery
1 x Charger
1 x Belt Clip
1 x SMA-Female Antenna
1 x Handstrap
1 x User Manual