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Product Specification


MOZA Air 2S introduces the non-stop operation concept with the smart micro handwheel along with the most powerful DSLR gimbal battery with up to 20 hours of run-time to create the ultimate performance gimbal for filmmakers and videographers

Advanced shooting modes: 

Mimic motion control: MOZA Air 2S can be controlled via smartphones with an internal somatosensory switch to mimic your phone's movement and control each axis independently

Object tracking: Select the target on the phone's APP interface for object tracking. Making one long take is now possible at your fingertips

FPV mode: MOZA Air 2S features advanced shooting modes like inception mode, FPV mode, sports gear mode, mimic motion control, and object tracking to allow you to unleash your creativity without limits

Inception mode: The inception mode features automatic rotation, speed adjustments and angle control to free you from manual control of joystick during shooting

Sport gear mode: With the Sport gear mode, you can capture action sports and fast movements with ease

Smart micro handwheel: Precise&complete control at your fingertips. MOZA Air 2S features a smart micro handwheel to bring adjustable sensitivity and percision controls with unparalleled smoothness. It brings complete control to your fingertips overall essential functions like pan, tilt, zoom, lens focus, and follow focus. Keep stable and efficient shooting without having to stop to tweak a camera setting

MOZA Spark power supply system 3.0: Whole day shooting with ease. 3200mAh super big capacity, 2h fast charging techology, external unlimited power supply. MOZA Air 2S is equipped with the most powerful battery, a built-in 3200mAh high-capacity battery and can reach up to 30W charging rate. It provides MOZA Air 2S with up to 20 hours of run-time and can be fully charged in 2 hours. It can also be charged by an external power supply on the go by an independent USB charging interface. MOZA Air 2S has a maximum payload capacity of 4.2kg/9.3lbs and support most mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Film from sunup to sundown in the most grueling conditions with MOZA Air 2S

Powerful extensions hole: MOZA Air 2S has an hole of innobative accessories ecosystem with an Arri Rosette, cold shoe extensions, and M4 mounting hole.

One-step balancing: MOZA Air 2S inherits the classic design of the one-step balancing. The quick release system is compatible with manfrotto quick release plates and offers a one-step balancing using a built in hard stop, meaning you can go from tripod to hand-held to gimbal in seconds. MOZA Air 2S lets you turn the camera on and off without having to correct rhe center of gravity and rebalance the gimbal

Three Axis lock design: The new three axis lock design of MOZA Air 2S allows easy access to custom balancing configurations and is also used for more secure storage. The  latch on each axis can locked on the go without navigation through software menus

Quick&easy setup with intelligent features:

Auto tuning: The intuitive artfical intelligence algorithm can calculate the most optimal parameters for your camera setup. Say goodbye to annoying vibrations

Compact design: MOZA Air 2S has 12 physical buttons that provide fast access to camera functions. The angled motor arm gives you an unblocked view of the camera's screen and more room to balance camera setups

Profile setting: Three sets of user data can be saved on MOZA Air 2S. You can save individual profiles for commonly used cameras and do not need to reconfigure your setup each time

Superior built quality: MOZA Air 2S is built to last, even when the gimbal is subjected to the harshest, most demanding filming environments. It will remain level to the horizen and produce premium quality images. The brand-new strengthened, engineered metal body of MOZA Air 2S provides higher quality and incredible stability

Max payload: 4.2KG

Fast charging: 2.0h

Battery life: 20h

Package Included:

Only Gimbal:

1 x MOZA AIR 2S Stabilizer(Other products are not included)

1 x User Manual

Gimbal+Follow Focus:

1 x MOZA AIR 2S Stabilizer

1 x Follow Focus

1 x User Manual