FeiyuTech G6 Max Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Pocket Action Sport Camera for Gopro SJCAM for Canon for Sony for Panasonic DSLR Cam Smartphone Mirrorless Camera for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Wifi Control+Cable Contol: Support Wifi control and cable control two ways to connect the camera, more free and easy to operate. Like with the cable control, G6 Max gimbal support to control Sony cameras and for Panasonic GH4, about the detailed camera models, please check with it on the description

Motor Lock Design+New Quick Release System: G6 Max 3 axis are equipped with physical motor locks to prevent shaking,and can be used to fix the 3 axis when balancing and packing. With the new upgrade of quick release system, you can assemble and disassemble the stabilizer in seconds without waiting for the shooting

Larger OLED Screen: G6 Max gimbal equipped with a low-power OLED screen, its screen area is increased by 200% compared with G6 Plus gimbal, which more intuitively displays the parameters of the gimbal and the camera

Updated Multifunctional Focus Ring: With 2.0 upgraded focus ring, its sensitivity is increased by 25%. Supports to control of zoom/focus, 3-axis rotation, adjustment of parameters such as ISO, exposure

Splashproof Design: G6 Max whole device adopts splashproof technology, which can achieve splash-proof and dust-proof performance. Therefore, this handheld gimbal can follow the photographer into a variety of complex shooting environments

The size of compatible cameras for reference :

Camera height (include the height of viewfinder) ≤105mm

The distance from screw hole to the right edge of camera ≤87mm

Maximum length at lens direction: about 125mm

Max Payload: 1.2kg/2.65lb

Net Weight: 665g(include built-in battery, Not include the accessories of camera, smartphone adatper etc.)

Battery: 2200mAh, 7.4V, Charge it via USB-C port on gimbal, Built-in battery can not be removed

Battery Time: 9 hours(Successfully tested on 600g camera in show mode at well-balanced status). Battery time is depended on the actual payload

Charging: Use USB C cable for charging via Type C port, Recommend using 5V/2A adapter for charging battery. Quick charging is forbidden. The charging indicator will flash at display when charging, and shows full charge symbol when fully charged

Charging Time: Approx 3 hours(5V/2A)

Water Proof Grade: Splash proof

Tilting Range: 280Âdegres(with limitation); Rolling; Range: 330Âdegres(with limitation); Panning Range: 360Âdegres(without limitation)

Extended Interface: 3 pcs 1/4inch thread hole(2 pcs at the left and right side of handle, 1pcs at the bottom of handle)


Before using this G6 Max gimbal, be sure to install a camera / smartphone and set all axes to be balanced

Since G6 Max is a gimbal suitable for mobile phones, sports cameras and mirrorless cameras, Every time you change the device, Please set the motor strength to 'Self-Adapt' via Feiyu ON app. Otherwise, it may occur shaking or vibration

Package Included:

1 x FeiyuTech G6 Max Handheld Gimbal(Other products are not included)

1 x EPP Storage Bag

1 x for Panasonic Control Cable (Type-C to DC2.5mm)

1 x Sony Control Cable (Type-C to Multi)

1 x USB-C Data Charging Cable

1 x Type-C to TRS2.5

1 x Type-C to Type-C

1 x Type-C to Micro

1 x Long Rod Screw

1 x for GoPro Adapter

1 x Anti-slip Tripod

1 x Quick Release Plate

1 x Phone Clip