120CM Electric Focus Carbon Fiber Slider Dollies Rail Widened Camera SLR Electronically Controlled Rail APP Control for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


The deceleration buffer motor is smoother and more professional

Time-lapse photography, smart timing, remote control, press and shoot

Shooting data, free modification, automatic round-trip, infinite loop

Connection method, using a 3D printing timing belt

Mobile APP control, support ANDROID, IOS system, support offline work, automatic system identification in Chinese and English

A variety of power supply solution, no power loss, long battery life without pressure

Time-lapse photography, smooth and silent, anti-shake shooting

For the side panel to widen the follow focus, the swing is more precise

With the extension of the focal length, the shooting is more stable

Electronic control module: newly upgraded APP, increased buffer function, pure silent, silky smooth

Translation load: 12KG

Weight-bearing at 45 degrees: 3.5KG

90 degree load-bearing: 3KG

Carbon tube: full carbon 22/19, wall thickness 2MM, load-bearing 90KG

Aviation aluminum: lightweight and durable, using CNC precision technology

Color: gray

Package Included:  

1 x Main Slide

1 x Waterproof and Anti-static Bag

1 x Motor

1 x Synchronous Belt

1 x Set of Wrenches

1 x Matching Screws

1 x Gimbal

1 x Charger