PETKIT Fresh Air Cat Go-out Bag Portable Pet Space Cabin Cat Supplies Transparent Breathable Pet Backpack From Xiaomi Youpin

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Product Specification

Green / White
ABS, PC, fabric
Host weight
About 1.4kg
Rated voltage
Applicable objects
Pets within 8kg

- The use of 5V power turbofan, active air supply, circulation ventilation, improve the air flow rate in the bag, 30 seconds to achieve a ventilation.
- The built-in temperature sensor can automatically adjust the wind speed according to the ambient temperature. At the same time, two wind options are provided in manual mode.
- In order to prevent the cat from accidentally opening the zipper, a self-locking zipper is used, which keeps the zipper locked when there is no external force
- Three dimensional interior, large space design, so that the cat in comfortable switching posture at the same time is not easy to fall.
- The built-in lighting system increases the excessive light effect when switching on and off the light, which is convenient for the owner to observe the pet in the weak light environment

Package included:
1 x Smart Pet Cat Go-out Bag

- The external hard shell is waterproof, and can be cleaned daily with a damp cloth containing detergent. Please note that the electronic components inside the shell should not be wetted with water.
- Only one cat can be placed at a time, and the weight of the cat must not exceed 8kg.
- Cats whose hair is not dry or in poor condition should not use the fresh air system.
- Taking the second speed of wind as an example, a 5000mAh mobile power supply can last about 20 hours, and a 10000mAh mobile power supply can last about 40 hours. The actual duration of use is subject to actual conditions.
- This product does not contain a power bank, please bring your own.