Bakeey CJK-01 Portable Chlorine Dioxide Space Sterilization Disinfection Card Air Purifier Viral Influenza Bacteria Prevention Card with Lanyard Phone Sterilizer

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Product Specification

Brand: Bakeey
Product name: disinfection card
Compositionc: solid chlorine dioxide, gas

Effective time: about 60 days
Applicable people: both children and adults
Applicable scene: office, shopping mall, bus, subway, supermarket, crowded public place
How to use: Unpack the product, attach a lanyard and wear it
Function principle: The sterilization card emits harmless chlorine dioxide through a reaction with the air. The chlorine dioxide immediately decomposes harmful substances containing bacteria around the air, and then purifies air around you.

Package Included:
1 * Disinfection Card
1 * Lanyard
1 * Buckle
It will reduce the function and the using time of the product in strong wind or outdoors. So please use it indoors as much as possible.
This product is  consumable, it is recommended that you buy a few more at a time for a rainy day. It is a good choice that you send it to your parent, child, lover and friends.