220V/50Hz Household Clothing Drying Case Travel Portable Clothes Disinfection Machine Mini Underwear Dryer Storage Box

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Product Specification


Carrying weight
Less than 5kg
Power protection
Heating method
Heating method
Below 500W
Maximum timing range
121 minutes (inclusive)-240 minutes (inclusive)
Supply voltage
300 x200x120mm


--- Fire Retardant Shell

The shell is made of flame retardant material, so the heat insulation will not burn your hand.

--- One-Piece Handle Design

Making it has both appearance and function, also can be installed and disassembled easily.

--- Fish Scale Pattern Clothes Rack

The clothes rack adopts food grade PP material, which is resistant to high temperature, safe and durable.

--- Louvered Outlet

Even if the clothes are full of boxes, it will not block the wind.

--- At bottom of vent

Let the hot air flow in the inner loop.

--- 100w Low Power Design

The low-power design makes it more energy efficient, drying only needs 0.5 KWH/min.

--- PX1 Water Proof Level

Can adapt to the environment of each bathroom extensively.

--- One Switch Controls 3 Modes

Simple operation, children and the elderly can also use.

Red light: 5 hours hot air drying, suitable for drying multiple clothes and thick clothes.

Pink light : 3 hours hot air drying, suitable for a small number of clothes and light clothing drying.

--- Double-Layer Design

Double drying space to adjustment,close-fitting clothes can be stored independently to keep them clean and tidy.

--- Easy To Carry For Business Trip And Travel

It can be divided into different areas for storage without taking up space and can be put into luggage.

--- Dry A Variety Of Clothing

Can dry a variety of clothing, such as underwear, underwear, socks, insoles, towels, saliva towel, doll, toothbrush, mouthwash cup, baby clothes and so on.

--- Pasteurization

Pasteurization can make microbes are heated, lead to cell wall broken, loss of activity and death, to achieve sterilization

Package Included:

1 x Clothing Drying Box


Number of dry the clothes is not suitable for too much, the volume is not appropriate is too large; Try to keep a certain space for air circulation between clothing.Drying suggests women underwear every time not more than 2 sets of men's underwear not more than 4 pieces.