Water Jet Pick Floss Teeth Flosser

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Tooth Cleaner

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Product Specification

-Improves gum health.
-Easy to carry in travel safe to use with the water pressure.       
-Helps freshen breath.Promotes the whole mouth healthy. 
-No electricity nor batteries, more safe and save money.
-Removes debris between teeth which is hard to reach with floss.
-Easy to install in sinks and shower.Easy to use - fit on / off in a second.
-Removes wastes and reduces bacteria.Cleans braces, bridges, crown and implant. 
-Flush your teeth after meals and before sleeping, keep health for whole mouth
For:More than five years old
Materials: ABS+PVC+Copper
Hydraulic parameters: 2 - 6 kg/minute    
Package Content: 
1 x Faucet Diverter 
1 x PVC Hose 
1 x Hand shank
1 x Plastic Hex Wrench 
1 x Rack Combination
1 x Connector
3 x Color jet
3 x Toothbrush head