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Tooth Cleaner

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Product Specification



  Visual ultrasonic tooth cleaning | 500W high-precision endoscope | Efficient and not hurting the gums


  Main Features:
  - Ultrasonic vibration frequency of 2 million times/min, no pain, no pain, no damage to teeth.

  - 500W high-precision macro endoscope, visually cleaning teeth cleaner.

  - Visual presentation of the directional four-axis gyroscope, 360Âdegres accurate tooth cleaning without dead ends.

  - Three cleaning modes to care for every need.

  - The slim cleaning head penetrates deep into the tooth gap for precise cleaning.

  - Refusing to be afraid, intelligent recognition does not hurt the gums.

  - IPX7 waterproof rating, highly effective waterproof.

  - Exclusive intelligent customization, 10 minutes power failure protection.

  - 42kHz sonic frequency



Brand: Sunuo (Xiaomi Ecological Chain)

Product name: Intelligent visual ultrasonic dental scaler

Product model: T11 Pro

Pixel: 5 million

Auxiliary lighting: 4 spotlight LED lights

Battery: 1200mAh

Charging time: About 2-3h

Use time: About 120 minutes of continuous use

Waterproof rating: IPX7

Network standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n


  Package Contents

1 x Cleaning Tooth Device

1 x User Manual

1 x Package Box