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Tools Kit

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Product Specification


Product Name: 16-piece tool set

Product Model: JG-816B

Tool box size: 27*21.5*6cm

Product weight: 1.4KG

Product material: malleable steel

Product Model: JG-827 27-piece tool set

Product Weight: About 1.75kg

Product Material: Malleable Steel

Product Size: 32* 26* 6cm

Package Included:

JG-816B Tool Kit Set:

1 X wire cutters 6"

1 X adjustable wrench 8"

1 X Utility Knife

2 X screwdriver 6*100(±)

5 X inner hexagon (2-6mm)

1 X Electrical tape PVC

1 X electric pen

1 X tape measure 2M)

1 X Claw hammer (8oz)

1 X screwdriver

1 X Toolbox

JG-827Tool Kit Set:

5 X Hexagon

1 X file

1 X saw frame

1 X Digital display electric pen

1 X 6 inch vise

1 X 6 inch needle nose pliers

1 X flashlight

1 X Scissors

1 X Utility Knife

1 X hammer

1 X adjustable wrench

1 X tape measure

2 X screwdriver

6 X watch batch

2 X screwdriver

1 X Electrical tape

Detail Pictures: