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Product Specification


- [Product]: This is a good helper for household irrigation. In addition to the main unit, there are also drop arrow, three links and other parts.
- [Unlimited]: There is no limit to a fixed water source, no need to connect a faucet, just choose a water storage container at will.
- [WIFI connection]: Support WIFI remote control connection, no distance restriction, allowing you to water the potted plants at home anytime when you travel.
- [Power off function]: With power off memory function, the last watering setting will be automatically saved after power off, and the watering mode can be automatically entered when it is turned on again.

- [Wide application]: Applicable to scenarios: home garden, balcony, green plants, basin, etc.


Produce name
Watering device set
Input power
DC 5V 2A
Plug(optional)US, EU
Watering device size
10x6.7x7cm (L x W x H)
Package weight
Install software (Both Apple and Android phones)
Cloud Intelligence

【User's Manual】

>>Please click here to download the English user manual<<

Package Included:

1 Pc x
Watering device
1 Pc x10M Silicone tube
1 Pc xSink head
1 Pc xUSB cable
1 Pc xPower plug
15 Pcs x
Tees connector
15 Pcs xDrip arrow

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