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Product Specification

Features and Benefits:

1. Excellent shockproof, waterproof, dustproof function
2. A suitable case for Camera and other photography accessories storage
3. Widely used in aviation, outdoor photography, field investigation, scientific exploration and many other fields
4. Composite buckle, the use of stretching process, smart, convenient, strong, to prevent the collapse of the box
5. Ergonomic handle, the uniform force for a more comfortable feel.
6. Pre-cut foam squares allow for customizing the interior.

Technical Specifications:

Type: Tool box
Color: Black
Material: PP, Sponge
Working temperature: -30℃-130℃
Function: Waterproof, Shockproof, Anti-moldy, Dust-proof


Type of A:
Outer Size: 125x105x73MM / 4.9x4.1x2.9inches
Inner Size: 113x83x68MM / 4.4x3.3x2.7inches
Type of B:
Outer Size: 245x160x105MM /9.6x6.3x4.1inches
Inner Size: 220x126x100MM / 8.6x5x3.9inches
Type of C:
Outer Size: 305x165x105MM / 12x6.5x4.1inches
Inner Size: 280x130x100MM / 11x5.1x3.9inches
Type of D:
Outer Size: 363x165x105MM / 14.3x6.5x4.1inches
Inner Size: 340x165x100MM / 13.4x6.5x3.9inches
Type of E:
Outer Size: 430x195x105MM / 16.9x7.7x4.1inches
Inner Size: 400x155x100MM / 15.7x6.1x3.9inches
Type of F:
Outer Size: 545x210x105MM / 21.4x8.3x4.1inches
Inner Size: 515x175x100MM / 20.3x6.9x3.9inches

Package Contents:

1 x Storage Box with sponge


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