1PCS Black/White/Walnut/Old Oak/Dark Red Cherry Five layer Simple Bookcase for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Tool Cabinet

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Product Specification


Material of the board: shaving board
Color: black/white/oak/ deep cherry/walnut
Thickness of the board: 15mm/0.6inch 


- Add the additional storage space that your home is missing with the charming style and versatile design of this bookcase. You can also use the top surface of this chipboard bookcase for additional space for other miscellaneous items. It has a place for all your things! 
- This combined bookcase features two parts, and them can be used sepaerately. You can use them separately or in combination, anyway, it's a good storage for items of all shapes and sizes. 
- Finished in shaving board, with a better bearing capacity, this good-looking bookcase is ideal for storing and displaying a variety of different items like stacks of books, decorative plants, organizing bins, and photos of your family and friends. 
- This versatile combined bookshelf looks the part no matter where it stands in your home, in the living room, your office, or even in your bedroom. 

Package included: 

20 * board
1 * Screwdriver
64 * Invisible screw(H32)
64 * Invisible screw buckle(H12)
6 * Spiral screw(H30)
1 * English installation instructions

Detail Pictures: