1PCS Red/Black/Blue/Yellow Plastic Tool Box Waterproof Tool Box Anti shock Protection Safety Box for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Product material: plastic PP
Outer Size: 279*234*126mm (11.0*9.2*5.0in)
Inner Size: 260*200*120mm (10.2*7.9*4.7in)
Color: black/red/yellow/blue
Weight: 800g
Waterproof: No


- Anti-impact, shockproof, wear strong, professional protection
- Safety lock, can add code lock
- Hand-held handle, convenient to carry, and comfortable to carry the handle
- There is an air guide valve, which is convenient to adjust and open when the internal and external air pressures are different
- It is filled with small foam sponge filling, which can be cut into the shape of things that need to be stored

Package Included:

1 x Tool Case + Sponge(Black/Red/Yellow/Blue)

Detail Pictures: