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Product Specification

Type: Wall Repair Agent
Capacity: 100 grams/pc
Main features: Waterproof, harmless and easy to use

【Such A Simple Wall Repair Agent】 Just squeeze wall repair cream to the place that needs to be repaired and create a quick-drying wall space. White cream is integrated into the wall and the repair trace is almost invisible which gives you a new wall.
【Complete Accessories】Wall repair kit includes 3*100g wall repair cream, 3*scrapers, 3*nozzle extender, 4*sandpapers. You can choose accessories according to your needs, no need to buy additional sandpaper and scraper.
【Safe & Quick-drying】 Drywall mending agent doesn't contain harmful substances and is friendly. The fine-textured wall plaster has strong adhesion, quick-drying and anti-cracking. It is easy to apply, repair and seal, and can quickly fill holes and cracks in the wall.
【Waterproof & Widely Use】Crack repair cream has a strong waterproof function which can easily solve most wall damage problems in homes, schools, and offices. Perfect for repairing nails hole on walls, wall cracks, peeling, graffiti, stains, and scraping.

Package Included:
3xWall repair cream
3xNozzle Extender