DC 12V 2000mAh Rechargeable Protable Super Li ion Battery Power for Transmitter for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


This Rechargeable battery is a 12V 20000mAh Li-ion Battery and it is specially designed for powering the system device which use12V DC power. You can use this battery to power our powerful wireless transmitter, CCTV camera and so on. 

Super storage capacity. 

With working indicator. 

Large mAh value means long battery life.

Built-in ON/OFFswitch, simple to use.

Insulation shell, the use of more secure.

With short circuit, overload, over-charge protection.

Stable performance, durable.

Battery Charging Method:

Open the battery switch to the "ON" at the red light on the charger indicates when charging starts (if battery is full charge,

the  green light will remain unchanged); charging time is generally more than 8 hours; until the plug's red light becomes green,

the battery is fully charged.



Li-ion Battery


DC 122000

Battery Size

155*75*37mm(L * W * T)

Exterior color




Battery type

 Rechargeable Li-on battery

Input voltage

 12.6V DC 

Output voltage

 12.6-10.8V DC

Output current


Interface specification

 5.5 * 2.1mm

Product life

 circulation charge and discharge more than 500 times       


Wireless cameras, personal processing systems, PDA personal data assistants,

Personal communication systems, walkie-talkies, digital cameras, camcorders,

Video cameras, Bluetooth devices, CD players, MD players,

Portable DVD, MP3 player, smart card, aviation model and so on

Can be used to 12V power in various fields.


1. Before using this product, please connect the equipment, and then power work.

2. This product is strictly prohibited rain water, the other building materials, super-wave, ultra-high temperature environment will have an impact on product work.

3. This product will produce micro-heat, is a normal phenomenon.

4. Note that the use of the process do not let the battery by a strong squeeze and collision.

5. The battery is best not to use more than a year, to avoid capacity decline.

6. Keep away from high temperature, stored in a cool dry place. To reduce the risk of fire or burns.

7. Do not attempt to open, disassemable or service the battery pack.

8. Do not crush, puncture,   short extemal contactsof dispose of in fire or water above 60℃(140℉)

9. Please turn on the switch when charge for this item.And if you want to measure the voltage,suggest using pointer multimeter.

Because digital measure table easily jump table.If the item is not 10.8-12.6V,please trun on the switch again.

All batteries are tested, please rest assured purchase! 

Package Included:

12V DC 20000mAh Li-ion Battery