33PCS HSS Screw Removal Bit Screwer Extractor Drill Adapter for Remove Bolts for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


[Durability group & easy to use]: "Screw removal bit" is made of high quality steel HSS and has very high hardness and durability. It is easy to use and you can easily remove crushed screws and bolts.

[Available for various screws and screws]: A "screw removal bit set" that can be used for crushed wood screws and machine screws, as well as damaged flat head screws, hexagonal screws, painted screws, and damaged screws. Suitable for DIY, home, and general construction / engineering.

[How to take out the tanned screw]: â‘  For Dr & Ex # 6- # 10, it is necessary to insert the extension adapter first and connect it to the drill adapter. Other specifications allow you to insert the drill adapter directly. (2) Select a drill smaller than the tanned screw, fix the drill to the damaged screw, and make a hole in the screw. (3) Replace with a screw removal bit with the same specifications. â‘£ Rotate the damaged screw and take it out.

The 2-drill adapter is suitable for all drills.

Package Included:


 anned screw removal bit




 screw removal bit


 extension adapter


 drill adapter