UNI T UNi690B 256 192 Pixel Infrared Thermal Imager 15 550ÂC Industrial Thermal Imaging Camera Handheld USB Infrared Thermometer for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Thermal Imager

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Product Specification

Software download link:http://myosuploads3.banggood.com/products/20220208/20220208200002UTI690B.rar


1. Temperature measurement range: -15℃ ~ 550℃/(5℉~1022℉)

2. Temperature measurement accuracy; ±2℃/±2% whichever is greater

3. Thermal imaging pixels: 256 x 192 (49152)

4. Visible light lens: 640 x 480

5. Image mode: thermal imaging, thermal fusion, picture-in-picture, visible light

6. Seven color palettes: white hot, black hot, iron red, rainbow, high contrast rainbow, red hot

7. In addition to the center point, 3 temperature measurement points can be customized, including center point temperature measurement, high and low temperature tracking and key area temperature measurement (ROI)

8. PC analysis software, real-time image transmission

9. LED fill light, LED alarm

10. IP65 protection level, 2-meter drop test


Package Includes:

1 x UNi690B Thermal Imager

1 x Type-C USB Cable

1 x 16G TF Card

1 x User Manual
Details Pictures: