WZ10020L 100V 1000W High Voltage High Power DC Buck Constant Voltage Constant Current MPPT Solar Battery Charging Power Supply for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Test & Measuring Module

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Product Specification

Note: This product is a step-down module, and the output voltage range is lower than the input voltage!

Input voltage range10-110.00V
Input voltage resolution0.01V
Output voltage range0-100.00V (step-down)
Output voltage resolution0.01V
Output current range0-20.00A(output voltage 0-50V)
0-10.00A(output voltage 50-100V)
Output current resolution0.01A
Output power range0-1000W
Input voltage accuracy± (1%+5 digit)
Output voltage accuracy± (0.3%+5)
Output current accuracy± (0.5%+5)
Output ripple300mV
Capacity range0-999.9AH
Capacity energy error± 2%
Time range0-100 hour
Differential pressure> input voltage X0.05%+1V
Net weightabout 285g
Package weightabout 340g
Panel size79*43*25mm
Motherboard size130*90*40mm

Soft start: Yes
Protection mechanism:
Input under voltage protection (9-110V adjustable, default 9V)
Output overvoltage protection (0-101.0V adjustable, 101.0V by default)
Output over current protection (0-20.10A adjustable, default 20.10A)
Output over-power protection (0 - 1010W adjustable, default 1010W)
Over temperature protection (80-110 ℃℃adjustable, default 110℃℃)
Timeout protection (0-100h adjustable, closed by default)
Over capacity protection (0-999.9Ah adjustable, off by default)

Package includes:

1 x WZ10020L 
1 x Tester
2 x Cable